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 PB240346 picture of scrapebook at Yale archive desk.JPG2019-07-21 15:05 2.2M 
 PB240347 7-7-14 papers - W threathens to withdraw name from Board .JPG2019-07-21 15:05 2.3M 
 PB240348 Examiner San Fran paper - W in huff quits bank-refuses quiz .JPG2019-07-21 15:06 2.3M 
 PB240349 Bulletin Providence RI negative of Wilson's choices .JPG2019-07-21 15:07 2.3M 
 PB240350 7-8-14 ny papers and Baltimore paper .JPG2019-07-21 15:06 2.3M 
 PB240351 7-8-14 papers in Chicago Manchester NH South Bend IND Montreal .JPG2019-07-21 15:07 2.3M 
 PB240352 7-8-14 Utica St. Louis Boston Bloomington Wil DEL New London Alb.JPG2019-07-21 15:07 2.3M 
 PB240353 SKIP .JPG2019-07-21 15:08 2.6M 
 PB240354 7-11-14 Wall St Journal .JPG2019-07-21 15:09 2.3M 
 PB240355 W article and he answers reader's questions .JPG2019-07-21 15:09 2.3M 
 PB240356 7-11-14 American Banker Financier .JPG2019-07-21 15:09 2.3M 
 PB240357 New York WORLD pro W .JPG2019-07-21 15:10 2.3M 
 PB240358 SKIP .JPG2019-07-21 15:11 2.7M 
 PB240359 7-18-14 Am Banker Providence NY Fackson TENN Butt Montana .JPG2019-07-21 15:11 2.3M 
 PB240360 7-20 7-21 Charlotte Poughkeepsie NY W to go to Sen committee .JPG2019-07-21 15:11 2.3M 
 PB240361 7-21-14 NY Commercial Los Angeles Boston Eric PA anti-W .JPG2019-07-21 15:12 2.3M 
 PB240362 7-22-14 Call NY Buffalo Life NY.JPG2019-07-21 15:14 2.3M 
 PB240363 7-22-14 W cartoon Evening Journal NY .JPG2019-07-21 15:13 2.3M 
 PB240364 8-1-14 8-3-14 W questioned by Senate comm 4 hours .JPG2019-07-21 15:13 2.7M 
 PB240365 Salisbury NC Helena Hammond IND MASS W okayed .JPG2019-07-21 15:14 2.3M 
 PB240366 8-7-14 W confirmed.JPG2019-07-21 15:15 2.3M 
 PB240367 8-8-14 8-11-14 Defiance OHIO Sen Bristol made hard fight .JPG2019-07-21 15:15 2.3M