Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy Characters

Prince Dmítri Ivánovitch Nekhlúdoff

Prince Dmítri Ivánovitch Nekhlúdoff (DMIH-tree ee-VAH-noh-vihch neh-KHLEW-dov), a gentleman. At a trial in which he is serving as a juror, he is astonished to see that the defendant is the falsely accused Katúsha Máslova, whom he had seduced in the past. When Katúsha is sentenced to hard labor in Siberia, his pity for her in the life to which he has driven her leads him to a period of self-examination, from which he emerges regarding his life as empty and degenerate and feeling a need to cleanse his soul. Determined to follow the prisoner to Siberia and marry her, he feels himself purged when her sentence is lightened to exile and she elects to stay with Valdemar Símonson, who loves her.

Katerína Mikháelovna Máslova

Katerína Mikháelovna Máslova (kah-teh-REE-nah mih-KHAH-ih-lohv-nah MAH-sloh-vah), called Katúsha (kah-TEW-shah), an illegitimate girl. Seduced at sixteen by Prince Dmítri Ivánovitch Nekhlúdoff, she becomes a prostitute and later is falsely accused of complicity in murder. At her trial, she is recognized by her seducer, a juryman, who, in remorse for his past treatment, wishes to marry her. When, through Dmítri’s efforts, her sentence is commuted to exile, she elects to remain with Valdemar Símonson rather than jeopardize her benefactor’s happiness by his marriage to a woman like herself.

Valdemar Símonson

Valdemar Símonson (VAL-deh-mahr SIH-mon-son), a political prisoner who falls in love with Katúsha Máslova as they are on their way to exile in Siberia.

Véra Doúkova

Véra Doúkova (VEH-rah doh-EW-khoh-vah), a political prisoner interested in the welfare of Katúsha.

Lydia Shoústova

Lydia Shoústova (SHEW-stoh-vah), Véra Doúkova’s friend.


Selénin (seh-LEH-nihn), a public prosecutor and an old friend of Prince Dmítri. Fundamentally an intelligent, honest man, he has come to make society’s standards his own.

Sophia Ivánovna

Sophia Ivánovna (ee-VAH-nohv-nah) and

Mary Ivánovna

Mary Ivánovna, aunts of Prince Dmítri and childhood guardians of Katúsha.

Katerína Ivánovna Tchársky

Katerína Ivánovna Tchársky (CHAHR-skee), an aunt of Prince Dmítri.

Matróna Khárina

Matróna Khárina (mah-TRYOH-nah CHA-rih-nah), Katúsha’s aunt.

Princess Mary Korchágin

Princess Mary Korchágin (kohr-CHA-gihn), the prospective fiancée of Prince Dmítri.